After the Elimination Phase…The Secret to Enjoying the Foods You Love Without Your Painful Digestive Problems Returning

PLEASE NOTE: The important information you’re about to discover is only for people who have completed the elimination phase of the low FODMAP diet and want a proven method for enjoying their favorite foods again, while maintaining a balanced, healthy gut.

So, you’ve eliminated FODMAPs. Done all the hard work. Experienced the life-improving digestive changes.

Ready to get back to eating the foods you love?

And prevent your crippling digestive problems coming back?

In a moment, I’m going to show you how to get back to living a normal life eating your favorite foods.

Oh, and that’s WITHOUT chronic digestive symptoms returning. How? By pinpointing the exact FODMAPs that cause your problems with laser-accuracy.

I now have no symptoms, maintain a regular bowel movement daily, and feel energetic!

"For two years I experienced intermittent intestinal turmoil with occasional painful bloating, dramatic gas emissions, contrasting bowel patterns and severe abdominal pain, requiring three emergency room visits. After surgery for a hernia repair, my GI doctor prescribed the low FODMAP diet. I followed this to the letter, supplemented along the way with Joe's excellent web assistance, following his 10-week reintroduction challenge as well. I now have no symptoms, maintain a regular bowel movement daily, and feel energetic! Please, if you have followed the FODMAP diet faithfully, then do the reintroduction so you can return to normal with a clear conscience! The only way to really test your FODMAP sensitivity is to complete the reintroduction program-- otherwise one will always wonder: is this a food that is causing me issues? Or is it something else? I am so glad that I followed Joe's FODMAP reintroduction program and appreciate his understandable instruction."

- Willard R, Goshen, Indiana USA

Feel Great for Life! Not Just a Few Weeks…

I don’t know about you, but my goal is to achieve great gut health that lasts a lifetime, not just a few weeks.

Of course, the time and effort spent eliminating FODMAPs is a huge first step.

But there’s a risk that your gut health and improved digestive symptoms will only be temporary.

That’s if you don’t follow the important second step (more about it in a moment).

So, if you’re satisfied with temporary relief, you can stop reading now.

But if you want to banish painful digestive problems forever, I’m going to show you how to…

  • Complete the restoration of your gut health
  • Go back to eating the foods you love in just weeks
  • Identify and avoid the foods that caused all your gut problems
  • Live a normal life free from crippling digestive symptoms

Read on to find out how.

The No.1 Reason Digestive Problems Return

Working as a dietitian, I see people fall back into the spiral of uncomfortable and embarrassing digestive problems too often. And there’s one main reason it happens.

Right after they’ve done all the hard work to eliminate FODMAPs for weeks, people are eager to eat normal foods again.

With their chronic digestive problems almost forgotten, finally living a normal life not ruled by unpredictable bowel movements… they race back to eating all those things that they love.

Makes sense. Who doesn’t want to eat the foods they love?

But it’s exactly this that can bring digestive symptoms crashing back.

"Doing this program was extremely helpful, particularly because there is very little info out there on this phase compared to the eliminations one. All the videos and info comprised in the simple and concise lessons of this course really helped me in successfully completing all the food challenges and finding my triggers."

- Zandy F, Netherlands.

What They Don’t Tell You… Reintroducing FODMAPs Is a Precise Science

Eliminating FODMAPS is big step. But did you know it’s only the first step to ending crippling digestive symptoms?

I’m not surprised if you don’t. It’s not something most medical practitioners or online FODMAP resources bother to tell you.

The truth is, Eliminating FODMAPs is only the first step. Nobody really talks about the second: how to get back to eating and living normally.

And without knowing this, you’re left in limbo…

Stuck in elimination mode. Or worse, blindly trying to work out what to eat without triggering your painful digestive problems again.

One Wrong Mouthful Can Be All It Takes

The gut is one of the most intricate and little understood parts of your body. It’s a complex community of microorganisms

One of the reasons your gut affects every aspect of your health is because it contains 100 trillion bacteria (the healthy kind).

That’s TRILLION with a ‘T’!

So, as you can imagine with that kind of complexity, it’s pretty easy for things to go wrong.

Easy to make one tiny wrong choice that triggers the return of miserable digestive symptoms.

But there’s a way to avoid making a misstep. Let me explain.

I could sleep better, which meant I actually woke up with energy. I used the bathroom less frequently and could retain my food like a NORMAL human!

“I've been dealing with gastrointestinal pain, lack of sleep, unstable weight, fatigue and anxiety for 7 years. The last 12 months were the worst of all, until finally I was diagnosed with IBS in November. After following the Low FODMAP diet with Joe, almost all pain and symptoms disappeared entirely. I could sleep better, which meant I actually woke up with energy. I used the bathroom less frequently and could retain my food like a NORMAL human. Apart from the diagnosis itself, Joe's guidance was the best thing to happen to me.”

- Sophia E, Stockholm Sweden.

You’ve Discovered the Problem, Now for the Solution…

Of course, first eliminating all FODMAPs is the vital first step towards great gut health.

But, like I’ve said, it’s only the first step. It’s identifying the problem.

Think of it like this…

Imagine you get a deep cut on your leg.

Now, you might think… “I’ll just wrap a bandage over it and it will heal.”

So you wrap the bandage nice and tight around the cut and with no blood in sight, you’re convinced the wound will heal.

But as days go by, the cut continues to hurt.

As you unwrap the bandage slowly, you find that the wound hasn’t healed at all. In fact, it’s even WORSE than last time!

Finally, you concede and get stitches, allowing the cut to heal entirely.

Now I might be being a little gruesome to make my point… but this is exactly what only doing the elimination phase of the low FODMAP diet is like.

You’re treating the immediate symptom (digestive issues) with a short-term solution (eliminating all potential triggers). It will give you a little respite, but won’t stop your sensitivites from getting worse in the future.

By reintroducing FODMAPs (getting the stitches in this analogy) you’re creating a long-term solution that prevents your sensitivities getting worse and allows you to heal properly and continue a normal life.

Are you Serious About Enjoying a Lifetime Free from Gut Problems?

Rechallenging and reintroducing foods is a delicate balancing act.

Without careful planning, the weeks or months of hard work you put into elimination can go out the window in an instant.

Don’t forget, you’re correcting uncomfortable and embarrassing digestive problems that have developed over years.

Even getting it slightly wrong can undo all that you’ve achieved in the elimination phase, sending you spiraling back into life-impacting digestive problems.

That’s why I’ve taken the effort and guesswork out of it for you…

Introducing… Trust Your Gut: 10-Week FODMAP Reintroduction Masterplan

A dietitian-made 10-Week program designed to discover exactly what foods trigger your digestive symptoms and eliminate them so you can get back to enjoying the foods you love.

The FODMAP Reintroduction Masterplan is your step-by-step blueprint for a lifetime free of chronic digestive problems and gut imbalance.

Through instant access today, you’ll discover…

- Step-by-step guide to successfully prepare and execute the reintroduction of FODMAPs so that you can feel like your old self again in just weeks.

- Medical professional-designed resources and customized reintroduction schedules for all levels of food sensitivity.

- A comprehensive food list based on leading global research from FODMAP testing labs that shows you exactly what to eat and in the precise amounts.

- An easy-to-follow, dietitian-optimized food and symptom diary so that you can easily identify symptom trends and patterns

- How to remove the stress and anxiety from the entire FODMAP reintroduction process

A Convenient Online Program You Can Do from the Comfort of Your Home

The FODMAP Reintroduction Masterplan is accessible on any device.

The program gives you the power to reintroduce foods carefully and comfortably on your own schedule in the comfort of your home... Without having to make costly weekly visits to a dietitian.

And with its step-by-step plan available with a swipe of your smartphone, you can instantly track your foods, monitor your symptoms and never be confused when in the grocery store or restaurant.

Trust Your Gut 10-Week FODMAP Reintroduction Masterplan Gives You…

  • 18 on-demand videos and over 5 hours of unique content
  • 25 medical professional-designed support documents, including…
    • 6 in-depth resources about rechallenging FODMAPs
    • A comprehensive supplement guide
    • A massive list of low FODMAP products
    • A huge global list of FODMAP Friendly restaurants so you can start eating out again
  • Access to exclusive Low FODMAP Facebook group to always keep you motivated

Claim the Masterplan Today and $250 Worth of Bonuses Are Yours

BONUS 1- Three Unique Reintroduction Schedules Customized to You

Access a reintroduction schedule specifically designed for your level of intolerance.

The bonus includes…

- Detailed day-by-day plans that are simple to follow and give you exact instructions, removing all guesswork from the process.

- A comprehensive list of what foods to use and exact portion sizes, based on the world’s latest research from Monash University and FODMAP Friendly

- Modified alternative schedules for people who are extra sensitive and need extra special guidance

Valued at $90

BONUS 2- Exclusive FODMAP Group Cheat-Sheet

Once I teach you how to identify your FODMAP sensitivities, this cheat-sheet lets you discover other potential problem foods instantly, without having to go through painful trial and error.

This cheat sheet cuts days – even weeks! – of hard work from the reintroduction process.

Valued at $40

BONUS 3- Q&A Workshop: How to Succesfully Reintroduce FODMAPs With Joanna Baker

You’ll get access to the exclusive workshop ‘How to Successfully Reintroduce FODMAPs’ with leading IBS specialist Joanna Baker.

Joanna shares her decades of IBS experience that is normally reserved for her clients, including…

- What order do you reintroduce FODMAPs with clients and what foods do you use?

- How long does it usually take to navigate through the reintroduction phase?

- How long until symptoms show if they do show?

- What about if you have SIBO or a food chemical intolerance such as salicylates?

- And much more!

Valued at $30

BONUS 4- Expert Workshop: Timing of Symptoms and Pinpointing Triggers with Joanna Baker

You’ll get access to the exclusive workshop ‘Timing of Symptoms and Pinpointing Triggers’ with leading IBS specialist Joanna Baker.

Joanna shares her decades of IBS experience that is normally reserved for her clients, including…

- How and why FODMAPs can cause unpleasant symptoms

- What causes fast symptoms (hint: it's not the FODMAPs!)

- Little known non-FODMAP triggers that you’ve likely never heard of

- How to easily pinpoint (and eliminate!) your triggers without stress and confusion

Valued at $30

BONUS 5 – Expert Workshop: The Best Probiotics for IBS with Gastroenterology Dietitian Lee Martin

Discover what supplement companies don’t tell you about probiotics, and learn the best probiotics to take to eliminate your symptoms from gastroenterology dietitian, researcher and author Lee Martin.

Lee is the specialist gastroenterology dietitian at University College London Hospital and former FODMAP researcher at King's College London. He reveals...

- Which probiotic species are best for treating IBS based on Yale University research

- Which brands to use (and which ones to avoid!) based on scientific evidence and Lee's clinical experience

- Must-know do’s and don’ts when using probiotics as part of the low FODMAP diet

Valued at $30

BONUS 6 – Exclusive Workshop: The 10 Biggest FODMAP Diet Mistakes with specialist Joanna Baker

Access a third exclusive workshop with Joanna Baker. You’ll discover the biggest mistakes most IBS sufferers make with the low FODMAP diet that stops their success.


- Gluten-free foods and FODMAPs... What you need to know

- How to read food ingredients labels to identify FODMAPs (with examples!)

- The importance of portion sizes and understanding your personal threshold

- The risks of staying on the elimination phase of low FODMAP for too long (and how to avoid it)

Valued at $30

Forget Weeks of Consultations and Check-ups with a Dietitian

$1000+ in frequent consultations…

That’s what it normally costs to get professional guidance to reintroduce FODMAPs into your diet.

Without guidance, you can spend months doing miserable trial and error, slipping up again and again.

Like I’ve said before, it’s impossible for me to treat every single person with chronic digestive problems in my clinic.

That’s why, by acting today, you’ll save yourself thousands in consultation fees…

For just $119 you get access to the full Trust Your Gut 10-Week FODMAP Reintroduction Masterplan plus the six bonuses valued at $250 for free.

That’s $449 worth of value for just $119.

  • Trust Your Gut – 10-Week FODMAP Reintroduction Masterplan - $199 $119
  • 6 Bonuses - $250 FREE
  • Total: $449 Just $119 (SAVE 74%)

That’s just $12 a week to do away with your chronic digestive symptoms for good.


Trust Your Gut: 10-Week FODMAP Reintroduction Masterplan

How to successfully reintroduce FODMAPs into your diet and live a normal life again

“During the FODMAP reintroduction phase I rediscovered the joys of simple foods like real butter, a warm bowl of oatmeal with berries and walnuts, or a nice grilled piece of salmon or chicken with just salt and no seasoning. I spent Thanksgiving with my sister's family in St. Louis, and was able to eat the turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, and roasted carrots... I even cheated a little and ate the filling out of a small wedge of pumpkin pie ( no crust), and suffered no ill effects. My next challenge will be starting to stack different FODMAPs together and seeing what I can tolerate. I will be referring back to your program throughout this. I do know that I never want to return to where I was, and feel very hopeful about handling this in the future. "

- Patty C, Indianapolis, IN.

30-Day 'No Gas Guarantee'

I’ve seen 100s of people return to a life free from digestive problems eating the foods they love using the step-by-step Reintroduction Masterplan.

That’s why I’m giving you full risk-free access to the Low FODMAP Reintroduction Masterplan.

Try the customized schedules, watch every video, read every document, listen to the experts, and even join the Facebook group… and then if you’re not satisfied or decide you don’t want life-long relief from crippling digestive symptoms, I’ll give you a 100% refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

I eliminated FODMAPs but didn’t feel any better. Should I still do the reintroduction phase?
Firstly, you need to be sure that you got the elimination right. Did you follow the Trust Your Gut Elimination program? If you didn’t, I’d start there. If you’re certain you eliminated FODMAPs completely and still didn’t improve, then I don’t recommend this reintroduction program as your issue is likely not solely FODMAPs.
Can’t I just reintroduce FODMAPs myself?
I’m going to be honest, it is possible to reintroduce FODMAPs yourself. Some people even have success this way. But it involves a whole lot of painful trial and error where the mistakes can mean agonizing stomach pain and embarrassingly frequent trips to the bathroom. And if you go it alone, expect it to take at least double as long as it takes with proper guidance.
Can students ask Joe direct questions?
Yes, of course! Students can either leave a comment under a certain Unit, or email directly. I will do my best to answer within 24 hours.
When does the program start and finish?
The program is available as soon as you enroll! But it is a completely self-paced program - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the program?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this program for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. That means you can start whenever you like, it will always be here waiting for you.
How does the program work exactly?
You access hours of both written and video content the program on your smart phone, iPad or computer. Follow along anywhere!
Which currency is this in?
The price is in US dollars, but you can use a credit card, debit card or PayPal account in whichever currency you choose.
Can I access this program in my country?
Yes, this is an online program that you can access and use from anywhere in the world.
Will you really refund me if the program doesn't work?
Absolutely. If you try the program and aren’t happy with the results, contact me within 30 days from purchase and I'll give you a full refund. I'm that confident you will learn what your triggers are.
I'm looking for an overnight solution to my symptoms. Is this it?
If you are looking for a quick-fix that requires no effort on your part, this is NOT the program for you. I wish it were that simple, but the reality is IBS is a complex problem. You need to make a consistent effort and be patient. This program is designed to hold your hand through that process. Remember that short-term solutions only give short-term results.
I’ve tried reintroducing FODMAPs before but I just ended up back with the same digestive problems. Why will it be different this time?
Reintroduction is very precise. It only takes one small mistake to bring back all your digestive symptoms. And because it can be so hard to know what to eat and how to track foods and symptoms, mistakes happen easily. This program simplifies everything for you, showing you exactly what to eat, when and how much.
I’m in the elimination phase and want to wait a few more weeks before starting reintroduction. Is that OK?
Sure. I recommend three weeks minimum for the elimination phase but once you’ve completed this, you’re ready to go. It’s a great idea to be enrolled in the Reintroduction Masterplan though, so you can be ready to start reintroduction as soon as you’re ready.
I’m not very tech savvy so I’m unsure about doing an online program, will I get confused?
If you’re on this site, you’ve proven you’re tech savvy enough to take the program! It’s super simple to follow and is no different than surfing the internet. And you can use your computer, smart phone or tablet. The convenience and affordability of online medical treatment is the way of the future!

Joe's info is so easy to follow, with just the right amount of scientific info.

"I reeeeeally love Joe's resources and programs. Not just for myself, but for my 'short attention span' family! His info is so easy to follow, with just the right amount of scientific info. Too much science, and my families' eyes start to glaze over!"

- Janiece H, Missouri USA

Get started now!

Course Curriculum

  Start Here!
Available in days
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  • Welcome and Housekeeping (3:23)
  • Who Are We?
  • Must Have Essentials Before You Start (1:56)
  • Important: Before You Start! (0:49)
  Reintroducing FODMAPs: What You Need To Know
Available in days
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  • An Overview of How FODMAP Reintroduction Works (2:12)
  • Why You MUST Reintroduce FODMAPs
  • Continue to Follow a Low FODMAP Diet (1:07)
  • Step 1: Choose which FODMAP group to reintroduce first (1:11)
  • Step 2: Choose What Foods To Rechallenge With (1:28)
  • Step 3: Choose The Challenge Schedule: Traditional and Modified Plan
  • Step 3 (continued): Choose The Challenge Schedule - Super-Sensitive Plan: The Back Up Option
  • What Time of Day to Rechallenge FODMAPs
  • Rechallenge Foods with Meals or Separate?
  • How Long Does It Take FODMAP Symptoms to Occur?
  • What If I Experience Minor Symptoms? (1:29)
  • How To Track Symptoms Using Your Food and Symptom Diary (4:51)
  • How To Deal With A FODMAP Flare (0:35)
  • Stress And Anxiety Makes Symptoms Worse (0:44)
  • Recap of the Steps Necessary to Rechallenge a FODMAP
  Let's Begin Reintroduction!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  • Week One: Lactose Challenge
  • Week Two: Fructose Challenge
  • Week Three: Sorbitol Challenge
  • Week Four: Mannitol Challenge
  • Week Five: Fructose + Sorbitol Challenge
  • Week Six: Fructans found in Wheat Challenge
  • Week Seven: Fructans found in Fruit Challenge
  • Week Eight: Fructans found in Onion Challenge
  • Week Nine: Fructans found in Garlic Challenge
  • Week Ten: Galacto-Oligosaccharides Challenge
  After Completing the Entire Reintroduction Phase
Available in days
days after you enroll
  • A Modified Low FODMAP Diet
  • Eat a Varied Diet Where Possible
  • BONUS: FODMAP group cheat sheet
Available in days
days after you enroll
  • How to do the FODMAP Reintroduction Phase with expert Joanna Baker (41:03)
  • Timing of Symptoms and Pinpointing Triggers with Joanna Baker (62:53)
  • WORKSHOP- Biggest FODMAP Mistakes with Joanna Baker (65:55)
  • WORKSHOP: The Best Probiotics for IBS with Gasteroenterology Dietitian Lee Martin (59:24)
  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  • What If I ‘Fail’ All Reintroductions?
  • What Supplements and Probiotics Are Proven to Help?
  • Should I Take Fiber Or Probiotic Supplements? (2:01)
  • What Chewing Gum Can I Have?
  • What are the Trigger Foods Other Than FODMAPs?
  • Can I Cook With High FODMAP Foods and Then Just Remove Them?
  • Can I Do More To Stop Bloating?
  • Can I Do More To Stop Diarrhea?
  • Can I Do More To Stop Reflux?
  • Can I Do More to Stop Constipation?
  Additional Resources and Lists (beta)
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  • All Downloadable and Printable Resources
  • Certified Low FODMAP Products
  • FODMAP-Friendly Restaurants (sorted by country)
  • I'd Love to Hear About Your Results!
  • Quiz: Test Your Knowledge (CPD for Health Professionals)

Your Instructor

Joe Leech, MSc Nutrition & Dietetics
Joe Leech, MSc Nutrition & Dietetics

My name’s Joe Leech and I’m a clinical Dietitian with a Master's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. I specialize in food intolerance and gut health.

Over the past seven years I’ve spent countless hours researching and treating IBS, having watched the agony IBS causes so many people. My published articles, videos and resources on the topic have now been used by more than 2 million people.

Through years of investigation into IBS, I’ve condensed the most proven and effective ways to treat chronic digestive problems into an easy-to-follow online format.

I'm excited for you to join the very best online FODMAP and digestive health community!


P.S. Make the Decision Today to Take Control and Get Your Life Back

I want you to spare another minute for me.

Think about all the hard work you’re putting into eliminating FODMAPs from your diet.

You’re feeling great. Better than you’ve felt in years, probably.

No more having your life controlled by your chronic digestive problems for the first time in years…

Now imagine this feeling for the rest of your life…

That’s a life without humiliating bloating, embarrassing gas, unbearable abdominal pain, social-life crippling diarrhea, painful constipation.

And all it takes is 10 weeks to get there with careful, well-planned reintroduction of FODMAPs.

So what’ll it be…

Temporarily relief that lasts a few weeks?

Or lasting gut health and the end of chronic digestive problems for life?

Get started now!

"I loved that I could do this on my own time frame. And I can now eat a number of delicious foods that I have avoided for two years!"

- Janet G, Arkansas USA

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